Products for Home Energy Monitoring
and Solar Optimization

EcoDog’s FIDO Home Energy Monitoring System oversees energy use throughout the home, on a room-by-room basis. The software interface, which runs on a home PC, combines this data with current pricing information from the utility. Using patent-pending algorithms, the software displays recommendations of ways in which the consumers can reduce their electric bills. Users can identify, where they are using the most electricity and pro-actively make cost-saving changes.

FIDO Home Energy Management System

Unique Energy Watchdog Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring - Shows real-time usage with excellent accuracy and circuit-by-circuit detail.
  • GridSmart (TM) Messaging - personalized system status updates and energy-saving advice based on individual use onscreen and with user-defined e-mail or SMS notifications.
  • Security Alerts - record when appliances, lighting or electronics are running excessively or at unexpected times.
  • Lock-Down Privacy - keeps your detailed energy usage patterns secure on your computer - no need to share with utilities or 3rd parties.
  • NEW! Rate Selector - in locations where utilities offer multiple billing programs, FIDO compares tariffs based on personal usage to show best option for your home.
  • NEW! Electric Vehicle Charge Cost Monitor - tracks EV charging in dollars and KW.
  • Remote Access - e-mail or SMS alerts users to unusual electrical use.
  • Universal Meter Compatibility - provides comprehensive monitoring that provides intelligence from traditional utility meters.
  • Makes Smart Meters Smarter - enables dramatic savings as utilities roll out new generation of Smart Meters with complex time-of-use billing schemes.
  • Parental Control - lets parents know how the kids use electricity and enables remote ON/OFF (remote feature coming soon).
  • Outlet Control - for individual electrical outlets (coming soon).
  • In-Home Net Metering - For installations with alternative energy input (solar, wind, generator, etc.), FIDOshows real-time generation and net cost savings in dollars and KWHr
  • NO Monthly Fee - NO Contract or Subscription - FREE Updates

Real-World Energy Savings:

For one homeowner, the user-friendly software interface showed that a basement dehumidifier was consuming excessive energy. Following the software's recommendation to consider using an EnergyStar rated appliance, the homeowner replaced the device with a newer model and saved nearly $90 per month.

When used in conjunction with controllable switches and appliances,
the system can automatically carry out recommendations that involve turning off appliances and outlets when not in use based on the homeowners' preferences.

Solar System Optimization

As an added benefit for homes with solar installations, EcoDog's FIDO system shows savings (or earnings) from solar input at a glance, monitors loads for maximum return on investment, tracks energy generation over time in KWHr and actual dollars and compares consumption versus generation. See our solar monitoring flyer PDF.

FIDO can show homeowners not just how much they are generating, but how much and where they are using energy throughout their home.  In addition, FIDO's utility billing analytics allow the homeowner to see energy production, generation and net in dollars and cents, not just watts.  More importantly, FIDO tells homeowners where they have money saving opportunities in the home and the financial impact of taking advantage of those opportunities.

To inquire about installing EcoDog's FIDO Home Energy Monitoring System in your home, please . Download our overview flyer.

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