Use the New Green Button Data to Save
on Your Utility Bills with the EcoDog Web App!

Green Button LogoEcoDog is pleased to introduce our new Green Button Web App that enables residential customers of SDG&E and PG&E (with support for more utilities coming soon) to view their electric usage data to find money-saving billing options as well as estimates for solar sizing and electric vehicle charging costs. The Green Button initiative was launched by the White House Office of Science and Technology earlier this year to provide electricity customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly format via a "Green Button" on electric utilities’ websites. The popular program was designed to give consumers better visibility to their energy use so that they can easily find ways to lower consumption and reduce utility bills, while retaining privacy and security.

We applaud SDG&E and PG&E for being among the first utilities in the nation to provide customers with easy access to their detailed energy usage data. Since previewing a Windows version of our EcoDog Green Button App for SDG&E at the beginning of this initiative, we’ve learned a lot about what consumers can do with this data. This has enabled us to launch an enhanced, Web version of our app that provides many more features and can be used with Windows, Macintosh and common Internet browsers. We’ve used a subset of the patented energy analytics software in our comprehensive FIDO Home Energy Watchdog System to give consumers a variety of energy (and money) saving insights. In our efforts to support consumer-focused energy efficiency efforts, there is no charge for use of our Green Button App and the site is ad-free.

The new Web version of EcoDog’s Green Button tool allows residential customers of SDG&E and PG&E to use up to 13 months of their own electrical consumption data to:

  • Determine if their utility offers a more cost effective rate plan based on their specific usage patterns and consumption level.
  • Compare how much it would cost to run each of the most popular electric vehicles (EV) on the market with their estimated driving patterns along with normal electric usage and which rate plan would be the least expensive
  • How much users would save with installation of various sizes and popular brands of solar systems and which billing structure would be most favorable

The app is initially available for two of California’s largest utilities and will be rolled out for additional electric providers as more utilities support the Green Button initiative. Customers of these utilities are invited to try EcoDog’s Green Button app.

We welcome inquiries from other utilities that would like to offer the unique functionality of our analytics to their customers as they look for ways to make use of their Green Button data.

EcoDog Green Button Web App Screen